ST-400 – 00-9/HOe Starter Track Set


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This pack contains:

6 x ST-401 Standard Straights
2 x ST-411 Double Straights
1 x ST-413 Double Straight (Wired)
5 x ST-403 1st Radius Standard Curves
6 x ST-412 1st radius Double Curves
1 x ST-405 Right Hand Turnout
1 x ST-406 Left Hand Turnout
2 x SL-440 Buffer Stops
1 x OO-9 Planbook
For narrow gauge models built to either 00 (4mm) or H0 (3.5mm) scale and running on 9mm gauge track. This rigid track system is particularly useful on small layouts with tight curves, and is fully compatible with the 009 Streamline track system.

Technical Specification:
Frog Angle: 45 Degrees
Radius: 228mm
PECO 009 Code 80 Setrack system


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