38-109A – 100T Class A Tea Bogie Tank Wagon Jet-Conoco Light Grey (Weathered)


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Rail has long played an important role in transporting fuel around the UK, the thirst for was growing strongly by the mid-twentieth century thanks to the advent of air travel, the private motor vehicle and the dieselisation of Britain’s railways. New, larger wagons were required to meet the demand for fuel transport and the TEA Bogie Tank Wagon provided the answer. The first examples were built during the 1960s with construction of similar types continuing for several decades. TEAs and their derivatives remain the core mode of transport for oil and fuel products today.


Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
Era 6
Weathered ‘Jet-Conoco’ Light Grey livery
Running No. 104
NEM Coupling Pockets
Length 238mm


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