76MINGT007 – Austin Mini 1275GT Citron


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The Classic Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and caused a sensation when it first appeared in 1959. Its cult status has never waned even after 60 years with no sign of abating. Back in the day, British Leyland developed an enhanced version of the Mini aimed at the young and sporty motorists, for whom a car with a bit more oomph and an image was just the thing. It now had a 1275cc engine under the bonnet, a top speed of 86 mph, and a series inline four engine which produced 59bhp with front wheel drive via a 4-speed manual transmission. All for £1572. There were refinements to the exterior body as well, including optional metallic paint, lots of exterior chrome work and a flash along the sides sporting the Mini 1275 GT status.

For Oxford’s seventh release on this racy little model, it comes in a lemon lime citrus colour scheme with chrome and black trim. The interior is black, including the steering wheel and our vehicle is registered JCG 929N from 1974.


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