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The Bedford OB Coach was first introduced in 1930 and had a wheelbase of 14ft 6ins, designed to carry 29 passengers. It was fitted with a 27hp petrol engine and had a 4-speed gearbox. Very few were made before World War II but it resumed production afterwards when it became highly popular, with over 12,500 being made before it ceased production in 1956.

Southdown, with its headquarters in Brighton, was one of the most prolific users of Bedford OB coaches and their bright green, cream and gold liveried vehicles plied the South Coast carrying enthusiastic passengers along the way. Southdown Motor Services had a history of providing public transport; tracing its roots right back to a pair of steam buses in the early 20th Century.

For this release, our 1:120 scale coach, registered JCD 370, is on its way to London according to the front destination blind. The bright green body colour is complemented with a darker green roof, mudguards and wheel trim. Below the masked cream flash along the waist, the Southdown lettering is printed gold.

The model is a reprise of a larger scale example released previously so it is great to see its return to the Oxford range.


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