R60123 – BR 50T Breakdown Crane 1:1 Collection


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The breakdown crane is as much a part of railway infrastructure as much as it is a wagon. Such cranes began to appear in 1875, growing in size and complexity. Over 176 cranes have appeared around the UK since their introduction, with the most modern cranes able to lift entire locomotives off the ground.

This crane, as preserved at the One:One collection in Margate was built for the LNER as number 941599, then rated at 45 tonnes. On entry to BR service the crane would be renumbered multiple times as could be common for departmental rolling stock, first to 330110, then ADRC95218.

Following a conversion from steam to diesel the crane would re-enter service as ADRC96719. Now rated at 50 tonnes, the crane is preserved and will be on display to the public when the museum opens.

The Hornby crane model includes the supporting trucks as well as a fully posable crane boom and hook, allowing the crane to be posed as if it were rescuing a stricken locomotive.


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