76105003 – Ford Anglia police panda car


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The Anglia Police Panda was introduced in 1965 as part of a new approach to policing called “unit policing”. Unit policing involved dividing a police force into smaller units, each of which was responsible for a specific area. The Anglia Police Panda was designed to be used by these units to patrol their areas and respond to incidents.

The Anglia Police Panda was a popular and successful police car. It was reliable, fuel-efficient, and easy to manouver, which made it ideal for patrol work. The Anglia Police Panda was also relatively inexpensive, which made it a cost-effective option for police forces.

The Anglia Police Panda was gradually replaced by other types of police cars in the 1980s. However, it remains a popular and iconic police car, and is often seen in films and television shows sets, one of the most famous being Heartbeat.


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