NJAG9004 – Jaguar MK9 Black/imperial maroon


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Visually, the Jaguar Mk VIII and the early Mk IX were no different, except for the addition of a Mk IX badge on the boot lid. It was under the bonnet where the upgrade resulted in a larger, more powerful 3.8 litre engine, power assisted recirculating ball steering as well as 4-wheel disc brakes.

Still classed as a full sized luxury car, it was competitively priced at just under £2000 with a manual gearbox, £2063 with overdrive and even an option if the owner preferred an automatic gearbox. Manufactured between 1958 and 1961, the Mk IX achieved over 10,000 in sales before it was discontinued in favour of the Mk X.

Our 1:148 scale two-tone black and rick maroon has also appeared in Oxford’s larger scale series in the same detail. Registered XXM 568, the interior seating, floor and carpets are all bright red. The exterior trim is finished in silver apart from the wheel trim ring which is black. Across the boot the Jaguar Automatic name appears above the number plate with the distinctive Mk IX printed in silver above the chrome bumper. There is a lot of detail here rounding off a truly authentic replica.


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