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The MG Midget MkIII was produced from 1966 to 1974 and was the third generation of the Midget. It was based on the MkII model, but with a number of improvements, including:

A larger 1275cc engine, producing 65bhp
A new folding hood design
A larger fuel tank
Rounder wheel arches
A more substantial windscreen frame
Improved suspension
It was also the first Midget to be sold in the United States in large numbers. This was due to the fact that it met all of the latest US safety regulations.

A popular car with both enthusiasts and critics alike, it was praised for its fun handling, lively performance, and affordable price tag.

In total, over 99,000 MkIII Midgets were produced. This makes it the most popular generation of the Midget. it was a classic British sports car that is still enjoyed by enthusiasts today.

In 1974 the MkIII was discontinued, and the MkIV Midget is introduced.

The first 1:76 scale Oxford release comes in Bronze Yellow and is on a plinth, with a clear case lid and Oxford Automobile wrap.


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