38-918 – SE &CR ZTO Dancehall brake van


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Not previously available in OO scale, this Branchline models depicts the South Eastern and Chatham Railway’s (SE&CR) 25 Ton Goods Brake which became known as the ‘Dance Halls’ owing to the spacious cabin provided for the Guard. Designed and built by the SE&CR, the Southern Railway (SR) built further examples after Grouping before designing their own version – the 25 Ton ‘Pill Box’ Brake Van (models of which are also produced by Bachmann Branchline) – which afforded a Guard much less covered accommodation. Whilst the final example was built during the 1920s, the Dance Halls were long lived with some surviving through to the late-twentieth century having been granted a second life inn departmental use.

With a high specification including a chassis that features full depth solebars with brake and spring detail on the underside, the interior is not overlooked either and inside you will find the Guard’s stove, seating and desk – all visible through the glazed windows at each end of the vehicle. Separate wire handrails are fitted along with lamp brackets, metal buffers and the distinctive foot boards which stretch the length of the vehicle.


Bachmann Branchline OO Scale
Era 6
Pristine BR Departmental Olive Green livery
Running No. DS55466
Accessory Pack
NEM Coupling Pockets
Length 109mm


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