ST-291 – Straight Platforms, Stone x2


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This model platform system is ideal for use with Peco 00/H0 Setrack, Streamline and any other unit trackage system which conforms to British Standard geometry. Straight units are 168mm long, matching the Standard Straight (ST-200). The self adhesive printed strips supplied match either brick or stonework and can easily be applied to the platform edges. Platforms can be made to any length by simply clipping the units together. As supplied the units fit a standard track configuration but it is easy to adapt to suit other situations; just cut the platform surfaces to any of four widths by following the scribed lines on the back. Ramps can be made to one of two widths, and have curved sides to match the second radius curve.

Technical Specification:
Length: 168mm
PECO Setrack 00 Gauge Code 100 – Unit trackage System
ST-293 Platform unit curved – stone
ST-297 Platform ramp unit – stone


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