76ACM002 – AEC 690 concrete Mixer Yellow/black


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A Cement Mixer in a favourite colourway for construction vehicles – a high visibility bright yellow and black.

The new 1:76 scale AEC 690 cab is based on the original vehicle launched at Earl’s Court in 1959 and was produced until 1969. Both the cab and the chassis had been previously developed by Thornycroft who AEC acquired in the early 1960s. Over the years, the updated 690 was re-badged, re-bodied and equipped with different engines, all part of AEC’s new vehicle programme. Like many AEC heavy duty transport vehicles, it was also used extensively by the British military.

It was manufactured with an all-steel full-width cab resiliently mounted with easy access steps on both sides. It had a lined interior and flat two-piece reverse sloping windscreen, counter-balanced drop door windows, rear view quarter and central windows and adjustable driver’s seat. Cab equipment included twin windscreen wipers, two large rear view mirrors, an efficient heater/demister unit and a tool box.

Our AEC 690 ticks all the boxes when it comes to miniature 1:76 scale physical features. Registered TSN 522M from 1973, the cab is painted yellow with black roof, black interior, white bumpers and yellow nudge bar, wheels and mudguards. The tipper section is also yellow, including the wheels, with black masking to the mixer and mixer drum bands.


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