922004 – Inspired by Titfield Wagon pack


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“Inspired by” Titfield wagon pack

‘Iron Mink’ van in Valentine & Taylor Wines & Spirits livery.

Always marshalled first in the train, this ex-GWR ‘Iron Mink’ van carries the necessary liquid refreshments required for the buffet car.

1907 five-plank open wagon in Pearce & Crump livery.
Ex-cons Pearce & Crump have finally given in and are using the railway for their scrap business, collecting smashed and broken hulks for breaking-up.

1907 seven-plank open wagon in Titfield Coal Company livery.
To satisfy the demands of Thunderbolt’s firebox, the nearby Dunkerford Colliery is re-opened, making the Titfield line self-sufficient for many years to come.

“THE TITFIELD THUNDERBOLT™ is a trade mark of Studiocanal Films Ltd. and is used under licence from Studiocanal Films Ltd.”


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