2P-006-006 – Mk Sleeper FGW Dynamic lines


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A network of trains with sleeping cars operates daily between London Euston and Scotland (The Caledonian Sleeper) and the West Country between London Paddington and Penzance (The Night Riviera). Using rolling stock designed and formerly operated by British Rail, these services offer single or double occupancy berths.

These services operate all week, except Saturdays and usually leave London in the evening, arriving at their destinations at around 0800. Both services use BR Mark 3 sleeper coaches although the Caledonian Sleeper is having their coaches replaced by brand new Mk5 equivalents.

This coach can be easily added to other Mk3 Coaches.

Finely detailed body, underframe and bogies
Innovative lightbar feature where an optional Dapol Lightbar can be fitted
NEM coupling as standard
Finely applied livery and decoration.


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