76VC005 – Vauxhall Corsa Oriental Blue


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Vauxhall introduced their latest Corsa D car in 2006, with a facelift in 2011 to create a new front end, newly styled grille, eagle-eye headlamps and new front bumper. The Corsa was produced until 2014 with assembly in Germany and Spain as the Opel Corsa although always sold in the UK as just a Corsa, available as either a 3 door or 5 door hatchback and with petrol or diesel engine.

Our 1:76 scale Oxford model Corsa was tooled up based on the 5-door version and now makes its fifth appearance in the colourful series in bright blue offset with both black and silver masking and silver wheels, registered CY60 GXB from 2010. The interior and the steering wheel are moulded in grey. Looking at the car head on, it is easy to understand the ‘eagle eye’ reference given to the front headlights. Aptly named!


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