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No self-respecting series of small commercials would be without the AA! And here is that famous vibrant yellow and black livery on the fifth in the VW T5 series. The T5 was VW’s most versatile van from its launch in 2003 until it was superseded by the T6 in 2015. It came in a wealth of variants too from cargo/passenger van, pickup, crew minibus and camper. Here it is employed as a simple van with non-opening rear doors which feature a chevron paint finish. The modern AA graphics on the sides include all their contact details for ‘Joining Today’ as well as social media details. The interior is moulded in dark grey and the model, registered RF15 BUP from the last year of production, is topped off with a roof light bar towards the rear incorporating the AA logo.

The AA Story. In the early 1900s, motoring was a relatively new and exciting mode of transport, but it was also fraught with challenges. Roads were often poor, and there was a lack of infrastructure to support the growing number of cars. To address these issues, a group of motoring enthusiasts came together in 1905 to form the AA.

The AA’s original mission was to help motorists avoid police speed traps. The Motor Car Act of 1903 had introduced new penalties for breaking the speed limit, and motorists were eager to find ways to navigate the roads safely and legally. The AA’s network of patrolmen helped to keep drivers informed about speed traps, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Beyond speed traps, the AA also played a crucial role in promoting motoring in the UK. It produced road maps and guidebooks, organized motoring events, and lobbied the government for better roads and infrastructure. The AA’s work helped to make motoring more accessible and popular, paving the way for the widespread adoption of cars in the years to come.

Expanding Services: From Breakdown Cover to Financial Services

As motoring became more popular, the AA’s services also expanded. In 1907, the AA introduced its first motor insurance policies, providing drivers with peace of mind in case of accidents or breakdowns. The AA also began to offer a range of other services, such as driving lessons, hotel recommendations, and legal advice.

In the 1930s, the AA’s services were further enhanced with the introduction of its breakdown patrol cars. These mobile units were equipped to provide roadside assistance to motorists who had experienced mechanical problems. The AA’s breakdown service quickly became a lifeline for drivers across the UK, and it remains one of the organization’s most popular offerings today.

This is 1:76 scale model ideal for collectors and modellers of 00 railway layouts. 6.4cm in length it comes on a plinth with a clear case lid and Oxford Diecast wrap.


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