NVWS001 – WW T1 Samba Bus wax red/orange grey


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The VW T1 Samba Bus also belonged to the first generation of the T1, emerging in 1951 and was the most luxurious version. Differentiating features included two pivot doors at the side and a fabric sunroof. It had a wealth of windows, too – up to 23 in some cases. VW’s advertising used this feature to promote the T1 as a great vehicle for touring the Alps! The Samba came with two-tone bodywork separated by a decorative strip.

Our 1:148 scale model incorporates all the detail of the real thing and makes its debut decorated in a muted red with a beige grey upper body and off white roof panel. Registered 192 YUD, the interior seating, floor and steering wheel are moulded in the same off-white as the roof panel while the dashboard echoes the red body colour. White bumpers, chrome and red wheels and silver body trim complete the effect.


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